Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Girlie


Today, Gabi said, "Love you Mommy"!  
 Aahh, melted my heart.  I"m so thankful for you Gabi!  You bring such joy to your Mommy and Daddy!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Conner's Poem for me this morning--Valentine's Day 2014 (wrote it all on his own)

Conner, you write poems a lot and seem to have a love and gift for it--like your Grammy.  This one is so special.


Oh dear Mom I love you so.
I love you more than you’ll ever know.

You do nice things like pray for my brothers.
You pray for me, I’m so glad we have mothers!

You love, you kiss, and you hug us so tight,
You even sing and tell us “good night”.

You bake yummy food that tastes so sweet.
You also make the table tidy and neat.

You teach us God’s word and you think of others.
Oh, how glad I am that God created mothers!

You do school with my brothers and me.
My favorite subject is our history.

You also teach me grammar and spelling,
And how long it takes there is no telling.

To have you at home is such a treat,
Oh, I’m glad I have a Mom so sweet!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 3, 2014


UGH!  How I feel about the past five days of stomach flu and colds/coughs and now pink eye going on in our home.  Cleaning up vomit...ugh, the lingering smells of vomit, the sitting by the toilet with your little ones during the night, the loads of laundry, ugh...the coughs that keep Nick from sleeping and even making him throw up and Gabi with a cold, cough, fever, and pink eye, ugh.  I spent two hours at an urgent care place last night, during the Superbowl to get her checked--no strep, no flu, but she's so sick.  :(  ugh...

BUT, thanks be to God for grace!  The stomach flu is past.  I was able to clean it all up without grumbling. I was able to get up multiple times a night for the past week and still have strength for the day.  I was able to be thankful amidst the trials and have peace about the schoolwork missed, the things left undone, the loads and loads of wash to be done, and able to remember this is a high calling for moms--to care for our littles in the midst of yuckiness.  Thank you God for the grace this past week!

I want to remember weeks like this that are so hard but see God's hand at work.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Celebrating 10 years!!

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years!  We've had a very busy 10 years!!  We had a baby our first year of marriage, moved, had 2 more babies, moved, and had 3 more babies!  It's been non-stop.  God has been faithful and kept us together amidst many storms.  We celebrated with an overnight in Georgetown and relived some memories we made over the years.  We may celebrate some more with travel this year.

I'm so grateful for my loving, faithful, sexy hubby who serves me daily in so many ways!  I couldn't manage our home and care for six kids without all his help!!  He has always made me feel special and loved despite my homeschool days of shabby clothes and messy hair, weariness and bad attitudes.  He has loved me with me all my sin and shortcomings.   He is thoughtful, intentional, and supportive.  He is a godly husband and I'm so thankful he's mine!!

Jacob--Age 7

How can it be that you are 7 already?!!

What are you like right now?

--Into Legos

--Love playing the Wii, though it really brings out the worst in you
(hence, you don't get to play much)

--Diligent with school

--Seem to have a math brain


--Becoming a good reader

--Still taking violin

--Playing basketball for the first time this season

--Still don't hold a pencil right :(

--Love, Love, Love bread!

--Love, Love, Love queso dip


--Love your Daddy, though you try to hide it

--In need of prayer for self-control, honesty, and joy 

--Special, handsome, and loved

Friday, November 1, 2013

Conner--Age 9

Age 9:

Loves to read, and read, and read, and read

Enjoys the Lord of the Rings series--especially the Hobbit 
(built a huge Lego set for his B-day)

Favorite play-- Legos

Idol--candy, treats of any kind!

Playing the violin, learning the guitar, wants to 
learn piano

Diligent worker

Loves to be outside--playing in the woods with friends

A born leader

Reading through the Bible independently

   Competed in first duatholon--may be a runner

Smart, handsome, silly, and quite captivating, special...loved!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kids Day 2013

We started a new family tradition this year--Kids Day.  A day to celebrate having such special kids!
It began on a Saturday morning in May-loading into our new van and heading to IHOP for chocolate chip pancakes!  It was a chilly morning--hence the sweatshits/jackets.   It was a long wait for breakfast but it was worth it, as you boys LOVED your pancakes.

We then headed to the library for some play in the Discovery Room.  (You guys love visiting the Germantown Library and it's always special when Daddy goes with us).  Then we ventured to Target to buy a new Wii Game--oh my, it's never fun taking all of you into a store.  The wants, screams, demands, fights, OH-MY, are enough to make anyone crazy!!  We tried to quickly pick out a game and Conner and Jacob settled on Mario-Galaxy.  

We then picked up a treat for lunch--Taco Bell, and headed home for naps (yes, we still have naps on Kids Day).  After naps we went to Wheaton Park for a train and carousel ride, play at the park, and a nice family walk.  To conclude the special day, Daddy took Conner, Eli, and Nate to Medieval Times (Jacob decided to swap with Nate and stay home).  Conner and Mommy had studied the Middle Ages this year so it was a great way to see some things he had read about and for him to be able to enjoy it with Daddy and his brothers.  It was a FUN day and the great start to an annual tradition!

Ready for Kids Day 2013